LAURA EVANS got her start in Hollywood as Diane Keaton’s personal assistant, eventually going on to run the Oscar-winning actress’s production company, Blue Relief. 
Next, Laura joined Entitled Entertainment as VP of Production, where she oversaw post-production and distribution on films such as Illusion, starring screen legend Kirk Douglas, and Aurora Borealis, with Juliette Lewis, Joshua Jackson and Donald Sutherland.
She has produced and/or directed a number of short films, including The Garage SaleThe Green Room, The Anniversary, and The Italian, as well as the acclaimed short documentary, No Such Thing as Color.
Laura has also been a licensed attorney for over twenty years and occasionally shoots as a photographer under the name Lana Von Haught.
She is currently producing Shatter Belt, a new sci-fi series created by James Ward Byrkit, director of the indie cult classic, Coherence. Three episodes of the new show have been selected to screen at the SXSW Film and TV Festival in spring 2023.